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Tat Ooi obtained his BBA degree from City University of New York, has diverse business and marketing background garnered from Malaysia as well as from New York City. Tat co-founded Thumb-Print Studio and oversees servicing the studio’s clients. In his free time, he enjoys sitting at the terrace with a nice cup of coffee, enjoying the garden, while his faithful bulldog lays by his side or he’s off to the driving range (or greens, if circumstance allows). Otherwise, he finds peace taking care of his arowana fish.


Angie Lee, a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Graphic Design degree holder from Northern Arizona University, USA, has more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and publishing. Angie has worked together with Walter Bernard and Milton Glaser at WBMG, Inc. and for ADWEEK, both in New York City. Upon returning to Malaysia in 1993, Angie worked as Art Director for a men’s magazine for a year before setting up Thumb-Print Studio. In her free time, she is either playing golf or sweating it out at the gym; otherwise she is travelling to see what the world offers in terms of experience and knowledge.

Combined, with more than 20 years of experience in graphic design, servicing and print solutions, the principals are able to provide clients with well-defined solutions tailored to their specific needs.